1. Report printing pain - data is lost in printing  ·  under review

  2. What i need to know is once that field is filled by the applicant can we require that their response fall into certain parameters (say an ag  ·  under review

  3. Format Form Data  ·  waiting on votes

  4. Response to Completion Date that cannot be met  ·  waiting on votes

  5. Event Report-contact information  ·  waiting on votes

  6. Off/On toggle buttons labels  ·  waiting on votes

  7. Include HVAC "OFF" and presence of Event Attachments in Event Status Info.- hover & report criteria  ·  waiting on votes

  8. Sub Admin Rights  ·  waiting on votes

  9. Export specific data in All work orders in progress  ·  waiting on votes

  10. select space to see availability-  ·  waiting on votes

  11. Admins also Sub Admin  ·  under review

  12. More data storage for images when filling out information for equipment.  ·  completed

  13. Need to be able to export all Equipment data, including history, to Excel  ·  completed

  14. That the day (ie Monday) would be included with the date on report builder.  ·  planned

  15. Add Public Form Help Context Menu's  ·  waiting on votes

  16. Customize the dashboard to arrange columns from left to right.  ·  waiting on votes

  17. approval area  ·  waiting on votes

  18. More Information in Spaces When entering an event  ·  waiting on votes

  19. Can configuration notes and configurations be added to the option to click in the 'Event List' when creating a report?  ·  under review

  20. Create a data base of contacts so that we don't need to re-enter information for a repeated contact.  ·  completed

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